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Heritage Places In Nalgonda(3)


Deverakonda Fort 

Devarakonda is a small dwelling and a Mandal headquarters in the Nalgonda district. The place is famous for one of the ancient forts of Andhra Pradesh also called as Devarakonda. Though the fort is neglected by the tourism department, it attracts good number of visitors. Once a splendid fort that brought glory to the village, today, most of the parts of the fort have fallen into ruins.

Rachakonda Fort 

Rachkonda fort was the capital of Velama kings, who ruled in 14th and 15th centuries. They infact connived with Mulsim sultans of Bahmanis and constantly fought with Reddy kings of Kondaveedu and Kapayya Naika of warangal.They had no national vision. Along with Bahmani sultans they constantly fought with Vijay nagar kings. Finally they were over powered by Bahmani sultans and they lost independence and later were vassals to Orissa kings. At last they lost to Bahmanis and never regained their kingdom.They served Vijay nagar kings as commanders. There was also a curse on these kings that they would never rule again. Rachkonda fort is in utter ruins to day. They paid for their ill deeds and for betraying the Hindu cause.

Religious Places In Nalgonda(6)


Kollanpaku Jain Temple 
Lateef Sheb Darga 

Nandikonda is a small village on the banks of River Krishna near Nagarjuna Sagar. This village is situated near the Vijayapuri town ship, which was once the kingdom of the Ikshvaku Dynasty. Today, Nandikonda is famous as one of the Buddhist sites where many Buddhist structures like monasteries and pillared halls were discovered.

Panagal Temple 
Phanigiri Buddhist Sites 

Among the beautiful places of interest in and around the town of Nalgonda, lies another striking and historical attraction called Phanigiri. Phanigiri is the Buddhist site about 100 kms from Nalgonda town. It has been recently excavated by the Department of Archaeology and Museums of Andhra Pradesh. 


Pillalamarri is a small ancient village famous for the splendid temples built during the reign of Kakatiya Kings. The village is located in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh. Pillalamarri is historically significant due to the existence these temples which stand as a testimony to the architectural style of the Kakatiya period. If you have idea of the architectural styles of the ancient times, you can clearly distinguish the Kakatiyan association behind the temple. There are some temples in this region that are in dilapidated condition due to the negligence of the government to maintain them. There is one temple that stood against all the odds of the nature - the temple of Chennakesava Swami (Lord Shiva). It goes without saying that this temple is as outstanding as any other temples of Kakatiyan Era.